Q: Can I really own part of the Sun?  

A:  Just as you can adopt a star that will be permanently reserved for yourself, you can do the same with land on The Sun.  Unfortunately however, due to International Space law, no one is allowed to claim any land in space as their own.  However,  You can be guaranteed that the land you purchase will never be sold again, and we would dare say that if you show up to the Sun and present your official Own-The-Sun certificate, no one is going to stand in your way.  

Q: Why would I purchase a part of the Sun?

A:  Just as someone might purchase a star in the name of a loved one, you can now purchase a piece of your favorite star.  People love when they receive their authentic certificate, detailed map plotting their land, and to check the online map to see their name and message.  They will also receive updates whenever their is any action on your property!

Q: Is buying in the Sun an investment?

A: While the majority of our sales are novelty and entertainment reasons, we have had a good amount of investors and doomsday preppers invest in the Sun for various reasons we will leave you to speculate.  




Q: What guarantee do I have that you won't sell the same land twice?

A: No plot is sold twice. The land has been carefully mapped out and a database holds all property registrations so that they aren't repeated




Q: How can I be sure my purchase of a plot is recorded and official? 

A: The Smithsonian is updated every month on purchases and records




Q: What are our terms and policies?

A: You can find our set of terms and policies   HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

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